All Purpose Skips also provides hooklifts for hire in Port Stephens. Certain projects need more than just skip bins, and hooklifts are the perfect solution for an easier and more efficient waste removal.

What are hooklifts?

A hooklift is a tough and durable collection and transportation device used for heavy duty disposal of waste materials and other various purposes. Generally, these are trucks which have a hydraulic hoist where the skip bins are contained. These hydraulic hoists make the loading and disposal of wastes or any other rubbish a lot more efficient, easier, and convenient.

What can be loaded into hooklifts?

Because hooklifts are heavy duty, it can contain different materials, from simple wastes to scrap or heavy building materials from your demolitions. These hooklifts make it easier to dispose the rubbish as well as recyclable materials into their proper disposal areas in order to ensure an efficient waste management system.

When should a hooklift be used?

Hooklifts are quite useful and convenient in various instances, but there are certain occasions when it may be inefficient or impractical to use. Here are some examples when hooklifts will be an ideal choice for use:

  • Residential constructions – in order to properly set up the space and needed materials for your home, a hooklift may be useful to clear out all the wastes and be used for heavy building materials.
  • Industrial Construction and Demolitions – these projects produce a huge amount of wastes and may get in the way, that is why a hooklift is the most ideal for this heavy-duty waste management needs.
  • Large Scale Clean ups and Waste Removal – certain instances require help in the local waste management. A hooklift is the most efficient device when it comes to large scale community waste.

All Purpose Skips is the solution to your large scale waste management problems. Whether you need a skip bin or a hooklift, we are here to help you get rid of the rubbish so you can complete that project in no time. Contact us today!